SR Technics and AerFin Ltd to launch BEYOND.FLEET.SERVICES

SR Technics and AerFin announced that they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which underpins their intention to manage and market a joint solution branded Beyond.Fleet.Services. This bundle will extend the life of the aviation industry’s maturing fleets of Airbus A340-200/300 aircraft by

reducing their operational costs, including engines, airframe and component maintenance, as part of a flexible and comprehensive set of end-of-life managed services.

Beyond.Fleet.Services is designed specifically to reduce the costs incurred by A340 operators as they seek to both maximize the life span and revenue potential of their existing fleets, while they manage their eventual withdrawal from service. Beyond.Fleet.Services combines flexible leasing schemes and other attractive cost saving service options for managing engines, airframes, components and inventory challenges. It will guarantee fixed-priced engine and component MRO services. There is also going to be the option for operators to sell-and-leaseback aircraft and engines or for Beyond.Fleet.Services to commit to purchasing aircraft at the end of its lease or working life.

As part of the partnership, SR Technics will provide the MRO services for CFM56-5C engines and AerFin Ltd the finance and leasing schemes. In addition, the two firms will cooperate to ensure that customers get a steady supply of components. Beyond.Fleet.Services’ customized packaged solutions will be wrapped into one contract, which will provide customers with one single point of contact and will deliver an integrated and bespoke end-of-life solution.

As part of its committed preparation for the launch of Beyond.Fleet.Services, AerFin Ltd recently secured eleven A340-300 aircraft, which will be disassembled to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective pool of components to its customers.

“SR Technics is pleased to be cooperating with AerFin and this joint offering will extend the appeal and reach of both firms in the marketplace. Beyond.Fleet.Services will provide what we know our customers want most,” said SR Technics, Klaus-Peter Leinauer, vice president Commercial and Product Sales Engine Services. “That is a comprehensive set of end-of-life MRO services and financing solutions for A340-200/300 aircraft that are designed to maximize their revenue potential as they are progressively eased out of commercial operation. Beyond.Fleet.Services will eliminate most of the risk aircraft operators fear when they seek to ensure the continuous operation of

the A340-200/300 aircraft as they near the end of their viable lifecycle.”

“We are very proud to have signed this MOU with SR Technics. The proposed combined SR Technics and AerFin solution, Beyond.Fleet.Services, marks an innovative breakthrough for the maturing A340 sector,” Bob James, managing director, AerFin, commented. “Indeed, we are certain that Beyond.Fleet.Services will give operators and other stakeholders an all-important and increasingly

sought-after competitive advantage. In short, with our solution operators will be able to reduce their fleet’s running costs and maximize their earnings potential both of which are of significant interest to charter operators looking at the A340 as a low cost, high density cabin option. We are therefore delighted by the prospect of further strengthening our relationship with SR Technics through the launch of Beyond.Fleet.Services.”

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