SR Technics and GE Sign Further Agreements for Engine Mx

SR Technics and GE have signed two five-year agreements for engine maintenance of the CFM56 family, representing a further milestone in the close cooperation between both companies.

The first contract is a long-term five-year cooperation for the CFM56-5C. SR Technics will become GE’s regional fulfillment center for the overhaul of this engine type from customers within Europe, Middle East and Africa. In addition, SR Technics will act as and represent GE as an official GE MRO partner.

A second five-year contract was signed to enable GE to use the SR Technics’ engine workshop in Zurich for work that they have contracted with third parties on the CFM56- 7B and -5B engine types.

Both agreements are the result of the strong, growing relationship between Mubadala and GE, and are a testament to Mubadala’s ability to leverage its MRO network. “These two agreements are a cornerstone in deepening our partnership with GE and show the huge potential we see in it for the future,” says James Stewart, chief executive officer of SR Technics.

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