ST Aerospace Completes Full Cabin Refurb for DC8 VIP Aircraft

ST Aerospace has successfully completed a full cabin reconfiguration and refurbishment for a DC8 VIP aircraft commissioned by a Middle East-based customer. ST Aerospace’s scope of work for the aircraft is all-inclusive, and extends from design, engineering and installation to certification and project management. ST Aerospace’s in-house design and engineering team in Singapore undertook an extensive redesign and reconfiguration of seats, galleys and lavatories to new locations in the aircraft cabin, while the company’s US facility at San Antonio, Texas, performed the modification and refurbishment, as well as managed the engineering authorisation and certification. The complex project involved the conversion of existing lavatories into a new storage area and a library/crew workstation, conversion of an air stair closet into a storage area with shelving, replacement of seats, tables, lavatory fixtures and galley features, as well as alteration and installation of entertainment fixtures, including LCD TVs and acoustic curtains. The ceiling panels were also redesigned, while upholstery and carpets replaced. The refreshed cabin features a stateroom with shower facilities, three passenger lounges, a mid bar, a crew rest area and an aft galley. “I am delighted that we have successfully completed the reconfiguration and refurbishment of the DC8 VIP aircraft for our valued customer. As one of the few service providers in the aircraft interiors market that has extensive in-house capabilities, ST Aerospace is able to offer customers turnkey solutions for both VIP and commercial aircraft with the best cost, best lead time and the highest quality,” says Chang Cheow Teck, president, ST Aerospace.

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