ST Aerospace Secures New Contracts Worth $460m in 1Q2014

ST Aerospace announced that it has recorded new orders worth $460m in the first quarter (1Q) of 2014. These contracts cover a wide range of the aerospace sector’s suite of capabilities, from airframe, component and engine maintenance, to cabin reconfiguration and engine wash.

Included in the 1Q2014 contracts is a two-year agreement with a major airline for heavy maintenance of 20 Embraer E-190 aircraft at the aerospace sector’s San Antonio facility.

The aerospace sector has also signed a contract with Aircalin, New Caledonia’s international airline for C-level checks on three Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft. This is the inaugural partnership between ST Aerospace and Aircalin – the first A320 has since been redelivered, with the last maintenance check scheduled for completion in third quarter this year.

In 1Q2014, ST Aerospace redelivered a total of 249 aircraft for airframe maintenance and modification work. In addition to airframe deliveries, a total of 10,417 components, 66 landing gears and 44 engines were processed, while 2,280 engine washes were conducted for both commercial and military customers. This includes the redelivery of one Boeing Business Jet and one Boeing 757 aircraft by AERIA Luxury Interiors, ST Aerospace’s VIP completion brand name based in San Antonio, Texas, US.

On aircraft capability development, its airframe facility in Guangzhou has started operations with the induction of the first two aircraft (an Airbus A320 and Boeing 767) respectively from a Chinese regional airline and an international air carrier. Both aircraft are currently in the hangar for C-level and heavy maintenance checks.

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