iPhone App Gives Users flexibility to Work on the Move

Component Control announced that its iPhone App for is now available for download from the Apple Store.  The iPhone App is the only free aviation parts eMarketplace App currently available.  It allows members to quickly and easily access more than 40 million qualified line items of aviation inventory and capability via a robust, mobile format.  The company says users can now work when and how suits them, be that in the office or on the move 24/7.

“We believe the App will become an invaluable tool for our community members,” comments Jason Cordoba, director of “Our initial App gives users a powerful search capability and allows them to send RFQs or purchase orders from any location utilizing their iPhone. Users also benefit from standard iOS features, such as being able to click and dial vendor phone numbers, initiate emails from vendor account information and add vendor contact data to their iPhone’s Contact App with just one click.”

Cordoba continues, “Detailed information such as part serial numbers, time/life dates for parts and service capabilities are all also available in the current version of the App, but this is just the start.  R&D is a continuous process for us and we will be rolling out updates of the App, adding enhanced functionality and features, on a regular basis.”

Gerlinde Weidenfeller, a test-user from Weidenfeller-Procurement, comments on the latest version of the App, “This version of the App is terrific.  It is quick, easy to use, clear and well structured, with every type of information available.  Nothing is better to have when you are working without your laptop – everything can be done immediately via your iPhone.”

Vendor search results on the App mimic the online version of the eMarketplace but are streamlined and specifically designed for clear and easy viewing on a mobile device, ensuring that community members receive the same intuitive, user-friendly experience.  Cordoba adds, “Overall, the portability of the App will bring more flexibility and speed to the purchase process when a laptop or desktop isn’t readily accessible.”

Preferred Vendors will be prominently placed on top of all search results along with their vendor logo, providing maximum exposure on the mobile version of and ensuring the same level of increased visibility they receive on the website.  Cordoba concludes, “The new App benefits all our eMarketplace community members by making critical aviation supply chain data available in this widely used alternative format.  As the App is also free, we are sure that all our users will be as excited as we are about this latest development.”

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