STRAWTEC Opens Showroom in the SkyLabs Building, Heidelberg

The opening of the STRAWTEC showroom in the 22,500 square meters SkyLabs building, the first dedicated research and laboratory campus in Heidelberg, was a success and many guests experienced STRAWTEC wall systems first hand. STRAWTEC owes its extraordinary high-quality and unique performance properties to the core of highly compressed straw, an abundant, rapidly renewable raw material.

After being greeted by Eckardt Dauck, managing director of the Berlin-based company, professionals in architecture, construction and sales then focused on the presentation and impressive hands-on demonstration by the company’s engineer, Dirk Niehaus. Some guests were able – despite wearing a suit and tie – to “conjure up” a strawboard wall in minutes.

“I knock on your wall and I can tell how you live …” said the head of a Bremen-based company for ecological drywall, which has used straw panels for many years in interior design. Although intended as a joke, his statement was true – with the solid straw core, STRAWTEC has an impressive load-bearing capacity, that eliminates the issues associated with traditional studwork walls.

Dirk Niehaus: “Convincing physical characteristics, an excellent CO2 footprint, easy installation and the ability to create a pleasant, healthy living and working environment make STRAWTEC a building material that already meets the future requirements for efficient, healthy and environmentally-friendly construction. The construction of partitioning walls does not require studwork or the use of special tools. In addition to the single and double-layer walls, and the fire-proof and sound-proof wall systems, STRAWTEC is also ideal as a heat insulation system for renovation work. Depending on the wall system, STRAWTEC achieves 55 dB sound reduction and a 90-minute fire rating.”

Eckardt Dauck: “STRAWTEC combines future-oriented environmental credentials, the best possible price/ performance ratio and a range of high-quality solutions. A STRAWTEC internal wall can be installed more than twice as fast as a conventional dry wall. That means faster job completion, reduced labour costs and higher staff efficiency on the building site.”

The official topping-out ceremony of the SkyLabs complex, designed and implemented by the internationally renowned Fischer-Architects, Mannheim, took place on 16 September. The occasion provided STRAWTEC with an opportunity to present its wall systems to a select group from international business and politics.


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