Summit Air Ambulance Flies with Donaldson AW109E Inlet Barrier Filter Sysytem

Donaldson Aerospace & Defense continues to see growing utilization of its new AgustaWestland AW109E/S/SP Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) system by helicopter operators across the globe.  Idaho’s Summit Air Ambulance was the first AW109E operator to implement the IBF and provided key assistance in developing the barrier filter system.

“We were fortunate to assist Donaldson in performing the initial flight testing and certification of the 109 Inlet Barrier Filter system,” said Summit Senior Vice President Larry Bacus. “We fly in extremely dusty environments and I believe this system will cut our non-scheduled maintenance and our engine overhaul costs drastically. The return on investment is substantial and it also enhances our safety program.”

Installed on Summit’s AW109E ships, the IBF systems will lead to a direct reduction in engine damage and related operating costs for this longtime air medical helicopter operator.  The IBF provides the most effective protection package available in the industry, preventing engine damage in adverse conditions and ramp environments alike, while maintaining performance.

Summit’s operations include high-altitude landings to assist patients in Idaho, Nevada and across the Western U.S.  Thanks to the IBF, Summit continues to operate effectively in these service areas, now allowing engines to reach TBO without erosion, glazing or other environmental damage.  The combination of engine protection and high altitude performance benefits the most important part of Summit’s program which is the ability to provide consistent service to patients.

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