TCCA Approvals for Bell 206; polycarbonate windshield and composite main rotor blade

Bell Helicopter has received approval from Transport Canada (TCCA) for the Bell 206 polycarbonate windshield. Van Horn Aviation has also received TCCA approval for the 206B composite main rotor blade. Both products are now available through Bell Helicopter’s Aeronautical Accessories brand for installation on aircraft for Canadian operators.
“We are excited to make the Bell 206 polycarbonate windshield and the 206B composite main rotor blade available for our Canadian operators,” said Jennifer Lunceford, manager of sales. “Both products provide customers with convenient and safe mission solutions to enhance their performance capabilities.”
Developed for the Bell 206 model, the polycarbonate windshield is impact resistant, offering superior impact performance compared to acrylic windshields. The patent-pending windshield was designed in response to the success of the Bell 407 polycarbonate windshield and offers multiple safety benefits. The windshield deflects objects away from the cockpit and significantly decreases the likelihood of objects breaching the windshield upon impact. The Bell 206 polycarbonate windshield is additionally available for installation on customer aircraft in countries beyond the U.S. and Canada.
“The polycarbonate windshield is truly a safety enhancement for our customers. It was developed in response to our customers requesting a design to increase the reliability, safety and performance of their aircraft,” said Lunceford.
The 206B main rotor blade’s composite material is molded to precise airfoil specifications for increased aerodynamic efficiency, strength and stiffness. With more than three times the life-limit compared to conventional metal blades, the blades provide corrosion protection, easier repairs and decreased operating cost including overhauls.
“Van Horn Aviation is proud to offer our latest innovative product in composite rotor blades for Bell 206 owners in Canada,” said Dean Rosenlof, president for Van Horn Aviation.

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