The Aviation Consulting Group offers Free Introduction to Human Factors



 Almost all accidents and incidents are caused by human factors, and almost all are preventable. Human factors include a broad spectrum of influences such as organizational, personal, or a combination of both. Dr. Bob Baron says all these influences can, and will, affect work performance and error-provoking conditions. Dr. Baron and his company, The Aviation Consulting Group, are offering a free online course about human factors.

Register for the free, online course entitled, “A Practical Introduction to Human Factors” to be held on Tuesday, October 1st at 0900 EDT (GMT-4). The course duration is two hours, is case-based, and explores human factors issues in company culture, maintenance, flight operations, and on the ramp. This course will be delivered live and in real-time by TACG company president, Dr. Baron.

Register for the course by clicking here.



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