The Aviation Quality and Safety Management Symposium – Bow Tie Fundamentals in a Special Presentation

Delegates Attending the The Aviation Quality & Safety Symposium from 14th to 15th May 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria will have the opportunity to understand:

Bow Tie Fundamentals in a Special Presentation

Special Price: Attendance + Hotac for only $395

The Use of Bow Tie as an Effective Tool to Manage Risk & Exposure

How much do you know about Bow Tie?

When: Tuesday 14th May – 14:00 – 15:00: Session 6 & 7

Where: Holiday Inn Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria


BowTie Risk Analysis provides a great safety enhancement opportunity, however, it can be complex and labor intensive. The biggest challenge faced by aviation safety professionals is knowing where to start and just how extensive the analysis should be.

Practitioners are frequently left with bowties that are over-complicated or simplistic and often out of context. Thus, any analysis becomes ineffective as it tells the aviation safety department very little and could lead the department to the wrong control strategy.

This lecture offers a peripheral understanding of the fundamentals of BowTie Risk Analysis and a summary of the logical process that results in usable and effective bowties. The lecture will also introduce the Barrier Safety Value (BSV) to control aviation safety risk as a means of measuring barrier effectiveness whilst also discussing other issues include, underlying causes & contributory/triggering factors that may lead to control failure.

About The Aviation Quality and Safety Management Symposium:

The Symposium will focus on many of the key Quality & Safety issues which we typically face in today’s European Aviation System. Providing a platform for Inspiring Presentations, positive dialogue and in-depth exchange of ideas, concepts, and visions related to ensuring the most effective quality and safety system. Whether you are an Airlines, Airport, MRO, Aerospace Manufacturer, or Ground Handling Organization the success of the Quality and Safety department is pivotal in delivering confidence to the business.

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