The Role of Quality Assurance / Compliance in an EASA Environment – How to maximise the Return on Investment ROI

By Attending The Aviation Quality and Safety Management Symposium from 14th to 15th May 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria guests will get to know:
The Role of Quality Assurance / Compliance in an EASA Environment – How to maximise the Return on Investment ROI
Special Combined Rate: Attendance + Accommodation for 395 Euro
If you are engaged in Aviation Quality & Safety Management this is your one “must attend” event of the year.

Presenter: Steve Bentley MD of Sofema Aviation Services (
When: Tuesday 14th May – 09:30 – 10:00: Session 1
Where: Holiday Inn Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria

Within the European Environment, the Role of Quality Assurance and Quality Control is quite specific and for QA the keywords are “Compliance” and “Independence” for QC the keywords are Maintaining “Production Quality to a Standard”.
Within EASA where we have specific roles and responsibilities (Including Independent Compliance Manager (CM) and a clear understanding of who is managing each business objective, whilst still ultimately identifying the responsibility of the nominated persons.

Consider is that the primary objective of the EASA system is to demonstrate compliance (with little focus on other quality related aspects or elements, for example, the “performance of the system”).

Organizational Compliance

When we speak about Organizational Compliance we are talking about compliance with all external regulatory requirements together with all the internal obligations driven by all internal company documentation, manuals and procedures.

The CM heads up the independent process for performing a gap analysis (auditing for conformity) of the organizations documentation systems and processes.
Any finding becomes a “discrepancy” and generates the need for “corrective action”.

The presentation will consider how the organisation can maximise the Return on Investment (ROI) – related to the role of Compliance Manager / Quality Assurance Manager.
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About The Aviation Quality and Safety Management Symposium:

The Symposium will focus on many of the key Quality & Safety issues which we typically face in today’s European Aviation System. Providing a platform for Inspiring Presentations, positive dialogue and in-depth exchange of ideas, concepts, and visions related to ensuring the most effective quality and safety system. Whether you are an Airlines, Airport, MRO, Aerospace Manufacturer, or Ground Handling Organisation the success of the Quality and Safety department is pivotal in delivering confidence to the business.

Benefits of attending the Symposium:

– To Bring stakeholders together on a common platform to discuss issues of mutual interest
– To raise the Profile of Key Safety and Quality Employees within EASA Compliant Organizations
– Highlight the contribution of the Safety and Quality business areas to support the positive development of the organization and to achieve minimal exposure
– To raise awareness regarding risk management


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