Traceable Safety and Cost Effectiveness for Advanced Jet Cleaning Solutions

Two leading cleaning experts for MRO, FinnSonic and Galvatek, combined their expertise to design a comprehensive new cleaning concept, CE4MRO. Through engineering and advanced automation, the company says it hopes to promote safety and cost effectiveness in aviation industry jet engine cleaning solutions. Aircraft engines have increasingly critical need for expert engine maintenance that is performed cost-effectively and safely; component handling processes that are better documented, better controlled, more reliable and energy efficient; and maintenance and overhaul operations that perform in a way that leave little or no room for human error. New CE4MRO offers comprehensive operational solutions for cleaner engine components, faster cleaning processes and reduced failure rates, according to the company. CE4MRO is fully automated and has encapsulated cleaning lines which maximize energy efficiency and safety and minimize the use of space. This state-of-the-art engine cleaning shop layout includes the main chemical cleaning line, bearing cleaning line, FPI line, DI water and waste water treatment plant as well as blasting cabinets. Any single part can also be installed to fit the customer requirements. Automated handling and crane systems make working easy and safe. Each tank is efficiently ventilated and covered for added safety and energy loss reduction. Advanced ventilation eliminates fumes and chemical spills are prevented through a range of safety and alarm features. The system measures and records changes in process conditions and any non-conformity in set values will raise an alarm. With automation follows cleaner, healthier working environment and better recyclability.

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