Tradewind Int’L. Now Has Airbus, Boeing, Fokker and F-16 Parts

Tom Huismann162Expanding from what was its core business in serving the light and medium turbine helicopter industry, Tradewind International recently purchased a diverse inventory of parts from International Defense Systems US (IDSUS). The recently received inventory includes parts for Airbus, Boeing, and Fokker aircraft, and some F-16 parts and accessories. In accumulating an inventory of over a period of 25 years, some airplane parts have found their way into the inventory from different purchases the company has made through the years. However, this is the first significant purchase the company has made outside of its usual pursuit of parts and accessories for small and medium turbine- powered legacy helicopters.

“Tradewind International has served the helicopter industry for over 25 years, and that will not change. We will continue to serve an industry that has been very important to us,” said Tom Huismann, vice president of Tradewind International. “However, the recent inventory purchase from IDSUS is very significant and exciting, in that it opens up a new opportunity for us. This recent purchase will help us to further diversify our inventory, and enable us to use our capabilities and talents to serve more of the aerospace industry.”

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