Universal Avionics Completes 2nd Round of Ground Testing to Support Super Puma Display Installations

Universal SuperPuma160x90Universal Avionics recently completed a second round of ground testing for software changes implemented to support the integration of EFI-890H Advanced Flight Displays in the AS332 Super Puma helicopter. The EFI-890H Primary Flight Displays (PFD) will replace the existing ADIs, HSI, Airspeed Indicators, Altimeters, and Vertical Speed Indicators. Full digital integration with the CDV-155 Coupler and autopilot is supported, which significantly simplifies the installation and integration.

The installation package also includes dual Universal Avionics UNS-1Fw Multi-Missions Management Systems (MMMS) and a single Universal Avionics Radio Control Unit (RCU). The MMMS incorporates the advanced technology, system design, features and capabilities included in the Universal Avionics SBAS- enabled Flight Management System (FMS) with special interfaces and the ability to fly six distinct patterns. The RCU replaces multiple existing federated control heads for existing radios. Support for automatic transition to hover for the Search and Rescue (SAR) variants will be supported with an upcoming software release to the MMMS.

The EFI-890H Advanced Flight Display software development also supports the CDV-85 3-axis and 4-axis versions, which are also installed in the AS365 Dauphin.

“The EFI-890H integration for the Super Puma provides a significant technology upgrade that will increase reliability and add functionality to this proven workhorse,” said Grady Dees, Universal Avionics Director of Technical Sales. “The interfaces and signal switching complexity is dramatically simplified,” he added. “The package can include dual PFDs only or the addition of an optional MFD-890H. The MMMS provides a replacement for existing older Area Navigation (RNAV) systems with capabilities for Precision-RNAV (P- RNAV), Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV), Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out. Optional Night Vision Goggle (NVG)-compatible displays, controllers, MMMS Control Display Units (CDU) and RCU versions are available.”

Throughout 2015, Universal Avionics is offering an upgrade incentive program for non-Universal Avionics operators to trade in their legacy FMS or GPS system for a new, SBAS-capable Universal Avionics FMS. Please contact a Universal Avionics Regional Sales Manager at (520) 295-2300 · (800) 321-5253 or sales@uasc.com to learn more. Additional upgrade incentive program information is also available at www.uasc.com/trade-in/fms.

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