University of Western Aero Design Team Sponsored by Comtek


Comtek Advanced Structures sponsors the University of Western Aero Design team to support their efforts in the SAE Aero Design competition on March 15th to 17th in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Aero Design team, an undergraduate engineering student run club, will be entering two classes of the competition with their “advanced class” and “micro class” aircraft. The objective of the advanced class design is to build an aircraft powered by a nitro engine capable of dropping a three pound humanitarian aid package from a distance of 100ft. The objective of the micro class is to design and build an aircraft powered by an electric motor that can take off and land with the heaviest payload.

The U of W team will manage the entire project by researching, analyzing, designing, constructing and testing the aircraft to get it ready for the competition. Comtek’s involvement will include CNC machining to produce the fuselage foam core piece of the aircraft based on CAD drawings from the team and will provide guidance and on-site support throughout the project. “The Aero Design Team consists of a group of smart, enthusiastic and elite engineering students and we are happy to provide the team with practical skills that aren’t necessarily available in the classroom,” says Charlene Ridley, product line manager at Comtek.

In exchange for their support, Comtek will have the satisfaction of helping a motivated team of engineering students and seeing the company logo proudly displayed on the body of the aircraft.


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