Unscheduled Aircraft Warranty Program

New to the Aviation Industry:
Av-Guard’s Unscheduled Aircraft Warranty Program

Av-Guard, insured by EPG Insurance and reinsured by Lloyds of London, now offers a program to cover all unscheduled maintenance costs for all aircrafts and helicopters. The program includes coverage on all major components of the aircraft: airframe, engine(s), APU, propeller(s), and even the avionics! Av-Guard is an affordable yearly premium with no inspections, enrollment, transfer, or buy in fees. Enrollment takes roughly 10 minutes and upon completion aircraft is 100% covered that very same day!

Protect yourself today! Let Av-Guard do the work and help set costs and accurately budget for your unexpected maintenance year after year. Request a free quote today: call us (386) 767-1200, visit our website www.flightsupportgroup.com or email us AvGuard@FlightSupportGroup.com.

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