Vector NA Becomes AS350/AS355 and EC130 D-Level Repair Center

Vector251Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services – North America (HS-NA) announced that it is an Airbus Helicopters D-Level certified repair center for the AS350/AS355 and EC130 helicopters.

“Our ability to perform D-Level repair on Airbus Helicopters products allows us to provide fast, approved service for our customers without sacrificing quality,” says Craig Pluim, director of sales, USA at Vector HS-NA. “We are pleased to offer this service to our current and future customers as the only OEM certified D-level repair center in North America for the AS350/AS355 and EC130 platforms.”

D-Level structural repairs include landing gear, main gear box, engine and component attachment points as well as fuselage / tailboom, vertical fin and horizontal stabilizer junction. Vector HS-NA’s technical specialists are trained and certified by Airbus Helicopters. Vector HS-NA is authorized by Airbus Helicopters to perform Incident Investigation and to develop and issue Repair Designs for AS350/AS355 and EC130 models not published in Airbus Helicopters Technical Documentation. Vector HS-NA’s repair jigs are validated by Airbus Helicopters offering primary structural repair to the most recent OEM regulatory requirements and standards for quality.

Vector HS-NA is also an authorized repair and overhaul facility for Airbus Helicopters components, Turbomeca Arriel 1 and Arriel 2, and an Approved Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centre (AMROC) for Rolls-Royce M250 engines providing an all inclusive repair center for Airbus AS350/355 and EC130 models.

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