Vibration Solutions North Awarded Patent for Using Kinematic Principles to Improve Jet Engine Rotor Balancing Processes

Vibration Solutions North (VSN), a subsidiary of Moscow Mills, Inc., has been awarded US Patent No. 8,429,968 for the application of kinematic locating principles in the design and manufacturing of the critical interface tooling used in mounting jet engine rotors on balancing machines.

VSN’s Kin-Dex System uses this patented methodology to ensure that a rotor’s axis of rotation is precisely and repeatedly defined in the balancing machine, thereby ensuring that unbalance readings accurately indicate rotor unbalance and minimize uncertainty due to positioning variations. Giving the operator the ability to precisely repeat the rotor’s rotational axis in the machine at each step in the process dramatically reduces the time required to meet today’s significantly tighter tolerances and eliminates the risk that an unbalance goes undetected.

After rigorous testing using Gauge R&R statistical analysis principles, the Kin-Dex system has proven to have superior repeatability compared to classic balancing tooling designs.

“The adverse business impact of unbalanced rotors—extra maintenance, repair, and fuel costs—are widely recognized in industries where rotating parts are critical components,” says George Allen, vice president, balancing tooling products and services, Vibration Solutions North. “What’s less recognized is the major business cost of taking excessive time to balance rotors so they perform properly. The patented Kin-Dex technology solves both problems. It makes it possible to balance rotors to extremely precise tolerances so parts last longer, operate more safely, and consume less fuel. Kin-Dex technology can also dramatically reduce the time it takes to balance parts and, as a result, significantly lower operational costs.”

VSN designs, manufactures, tests, and delivers Kin-Dex-based balancing tooling for companies in aviation aerospace, defense, power generation, and other industries requiring the balancing of critical components to tight tolerances. Kin-Dex balancing fixtures are conceived, engineered, and manufactured in house by the Moscow Mills business unit.



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