Walter Enduro-Flex Announces Improved Metal Finishing Disc

Walter Surface Technologies announced the launch of the improved longer life Enduro-Flex finishing disc for metal finishing applications. “We are proud to bring to market a true breakthrough. Through our in-depth industry knowledge and creative research, we have been able to introduce this remarkable trail-blazing product,” says Timothy Houghton, President and COO of Walter Surface Technologies International.

Developed by Walter Surface Technologies, the improved Enduro-Flex disc features a totally new design and flap configuration with an exclusive cloth and abrasive composition. Patented backing can be trimmed down adding total longevity to the product. This breakthrough innovation offers a more consistent surface finish, and most importantly, removes more material. A five-inch disc with Grit 40 removes up to 2,500 grams over its lifespan – performance is comparable in other disc sizes and different grit sizes.

New Walter Enduro-Flex is highest performer where longevity and cost reduction are main goals. Longevity of the new design lowers costs. Overall this results in less disc changeovers as well as less waste over the long-term, making it the ideal solution for finishing steel and stainless steel, aluminum, and other alloys. To view a product demo, click VIDEO.


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