Walter Surface Technologies Releases Flexcut Mill Scale Grinding Wheel

Walter Surface Technologies announced the introduction of the Flexcut Mill Scale grinding wheel. The new Flexcut Mill Scale has an innovative product design that improves mill scale removal and takes the hassle out of the mill scale removal process. The Flexcut Mill Scale is a premium performance flexible grinding wheel that is specially formulated to prevent glazing or disc clogging and uniquely designed with a wider surface contact area for faster and easier mill scale removal.

“Iron oxide or mill scale removal is often a tough, time-consuming and costly undertaking. The hassles involving dust-clogged discs and frequent disc changeovers lead to lost productivity. Walter has successfully created the new Flexcut Mill Scale grinding wheel to eliminate abrasive glazing or clogging, while ensuring a hassle-free mill scale removal experience. Users will benefit from significant time and costs savings by using this premium product,’’ says Marc Brunet Gagne, product manager, Walter Surface Technologies.

Premium performance for mill scale removal
With a unique blend of highly refined, friable abrasives paired with its one-of-a-kind open diamond cut pattern, Flexcut Mill Scale is designed to grind off mill scale rapidly, it will self-dress to avoid clogging, and continue to work longer than traditional abrasive discs.

In addition to removing mill scale, Flexcut Mill Scale features a FE-Free formulation guaranteed to not contaminate aluminum and is very effective when used for rust removal on heavily rusted plates, aluminum or galvanized metal — ensuring a clean and even surface every time.

Flexcut Mill Scale is now available across North America.


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