Web Manuals and AviationManuals Team Up

Web Manuals and AviationManuals175Web Manuals Inc. and AviationManuals are launching a strategic partnership to offer solutions to streamline the development and management of flight operations documentation.

AviationManuals will integrate Web Manuals’ document editing application into its existing SMS software platform to provide expanded functionality to existing and new customers.

The Web Manuals application, with more than 4,000 users, provides the tools for end-to-end compliance management by business jet operators, airlines, maintenance and repair organizations, airports, and ground handling agents. The application enables the authoring, publishing, distribution and control of the entire manuals library–all in an easy-to-use tool, saving time and manpower while improving quality.

“This partnership offers significant benefits to flight departments who value quality operations manuals, but have other priorities competing for their time and attention,” Mark Baier, president of AviationManuals, says. “We are excited to offer Web Manuals’ easy-to-use application because it will provide enhanced functionality to our worldwide customer base.”

Martin Lidgard, CEO and co-founder of Web Manuals, adds: “AviationManuals is trusted and relied upon by business aviation companies across the US, making it the perfect partner for Web Manuals. Together, we will help business jet operators achieve major efficiencies in document management, regulatory compliance and operational agility. By eliminating paperwork, we will help the customers of AviationManuals focus on their greatest priority – running a smooth and safe operation.”

Web Manuals Inc. is the new U. S. subsidiary of Web Manuals Sweden AB, which specializes in the development of operational knowledge management solutions for the aviation industry, including the digitizing of manuals to simplify controlled publication, revision and distribution. Web Manuals Sweden AB works with selected international partners to deliver a global offering and has a rapidly growing client base in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

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