Wizz Air Interfaces FLYdocs with AMOS

Wizz Air has given FLYdocs a long term contract for its advanced aviation data and records management platform. Wizz Air already uses the planning and maintenance software AMOS and, in entering into this long term arrangement with FLYdocs, will become the first airline to benefit from the advanced interfaces between the two systems.

Earlier this year FLYdocs and AMOS started work to deliver digital aircraft compliance on-demand. The interfaces between FLYdocs and AMOS will offer many features that enable customers to substantially cut the time to manage aircraft compliance.

AMOS will feed all relevant maintenance data into FLYdocs which will automatically build compliance documentation in near real-time providing Wizz Air with digitalised end-to-end aircraft compliance management. Through selecting FLYdocs, Wizz Air will be well placed to proactively manage its forthcoming aircraft transition programme.

Heiko Holm, technical director at Wizz Air, commented: “FLYdocs has successfully completed lease return projects for Wizz Air in the past, which gave us great insight into the power of their system. Now with full access to FLYdocs, we have the right platform to manage all of our records across the entire portfolio. The wide business and technical support services FLYdocs provides is also expected to add significant value to our operations as we continue to expand and transition aircraft.”

Adrian Ryan, CEO of FLYdocs commented “I am delighted that Wizz Air has become the first FLYdocs customer to benefit from full digital aircraft compliance-on-demand, enabled by our seamless interface with AMOS.”

Work is scheduled to start with the scanning of the back-to-birth records for Wizz Air’s entire fleet in Budapest before the end of 2016.

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